Flavors for Snacks

Whether your snacks are roasted, extruded or baked, whether they are new or a line extension, and whether you need an innovative or popular flavor or color, let Robertet Canada help bring your snack concept to market.

Selected Single Flavor Extracts

Description Code
Allspice NR0006
Basil NR0219
Capsicum NR0404
Celery NR0901
Chipotle NR4405
Cilantro NR3801
Clove NR1012
Coriander NR1102
Cumin NR1205
Dill Seed NR1302
Garlic NR1701
Garlic, roasted NR1715
Ginger NR1847
Jalapeno NR3902
Marjoram NR2202
Nutmeg NR2503
Onion NR2601
Onion, roasted NR2618
Oregano NR2701
Pepper, Black NR3101
Pepper, White NR3201
Rosemary NR3403
Sage NR3312
Thyme NR3601

Selected Compound Flavors

Description Code
Barbeque Spice NR4124
Cajun Spice NR0393
Curry NR4490
Italian Spice Blend NR4129
Moroccan Spice Blend NR4435
Pizza Spice NR4445
Sriracha NR6967

Selected Natural Colors

Description Code
Annatto NR4206
Beta carotene NR4136
Cheddar cheese colour NR4220
Turmeric NR3709
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Making snacks more appealing

Robertet Canada has experience in working with snack makers worldwide. Some examples of our projects.

Ketchup flavor NR4468 came from a project with a seasoning company to achieve just the correct ketchup profile for potato chips at a realistic cost.

Natural color NR4220 was developed for a manufacturer of cheese flavored extruded snacks. Our client wanted a natural, heat stable color that looked like cheese.

Capsicum NR0404 is used by snack makers to achieve reliable pungency for savory products.

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