Flavors for Processed Meats

Robertet Canada has worked with clients worldwide to develop blends of spice extracts to enhance meat products. The list below shows a small example of what we can offer:

Selected Single Flavor Extracts

Description Code Specification
Capsicum NR04xx < 20.0% capsaicin
Celery NR0906 9% volatile oil (vo)
Chipotle NR4405 0.7% capsaicin
Cilantro NR3801 6% vo
Coriander NR1102 30% vo
Cumin NR1204 60% vo
Garlic NR1722 15% vo
Jalapeno NR3902 3.3% capsaicin
Habanero NR4529 1.0% capsaicin
Black Pepper NR3101 18-20% vo, 37 – 40% piperine
White Pepper NR3201 10% vo, 40 – 45% piperine

Compound Meat Spice Blend Flavors

Description Code
Frankfurter Spice Blend NR4502
Hot Dog Spice Blend NR4138
Chorizo Spice Blend NR4432
Chicken Loaf Seasoning NR4442
Deli Meat Spice NR4448
Spicy Chicken Spice NR4450
Pepperoni Spice Blend NR4456
Turkey Frankfurter Spice NR44015
Luncheon Meat Spice NR4493
Sriracha NR6969
Szechuan NR4439

Selected Associated Flavors

Description Code Capsaicin content (% hplc)
Barbeque spice NR4124 0.04
Cajun Spice NR0393 0.10
Chili Spice NR4420 0.07
Red Pepper NR0537 0.04
Sweet chili lime NR4470 0.10
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Benefits of extracts in processed meats

There are many benefits by using spice extracts in meat processing applications:

  • By their nature, extracts are usually sterile, which removes a potential source of contamination.
  • They can be standardized for color, strength and viscosity to make production easier.
  • Shelf life is at least 12 months.

And best of all, extracts usually provide considerable savings over raw spices.

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