Flavors for International Cuisines

With guidance from our clients in over 35 countries Robertet Canada has developed extracts, flavors and flavor enhancers that provide authentic profiles suitable for International cuisines.


Description Code
Buffalo-style wings seasoning blend NR4414
Cajun NR0393


Description Code
Jerk seasoning blend NR4703


Description Code
Chinatown flavor blend NR4443
Chinese five spice oleoresin NR4132
Chinese herbal blend NR4123
Szechuan type spice extract NR4434


Description Code
French onion flavor ENR69064
Herbs de Provence blend NR4133
Mirepoix flavor base blend NR4473


Description Code
Curry spice extract NR4490
Garam masala spice blend NR4509
Tandoori seasoning blend NR4482


Description Code
Italian spice blend NR4523


Description Code
Fajita seasoning oleoresin NR4527
Mexican sausage spice extract blend NR4117
Mexican spice blend NR4512
Taco spice blend NR4486


Description Code
Harissa spice blend ENR45081
Kaffir lime NR4494
Moroccan spice blend NR4435


Description Code
Holy Thai basil oleoresin NR0220
Ginger Thai oleoresin NR4529
Thai curry blend - green type NR4433
Thai curry blend - red type NR4458
Thai curry blend - yellow type NR4139
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Tandoori Seasonings Blend

Barbeque flavor has many different meanings, as the photo of tandoori chicken above from India shows.

Robertet Canada’s tandoori seasonings blend NR4482 contains the extracts from nine spices.

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