Robertet Canada is one of the very few primary extractors, producing a wide range of oleoresins, solid extracts and flavors from herbs, spices and other botanicals. The result is a product range limited only by technology and imagination.

Description Code Essential oil content (% w/w)
Allspice NR0003 40
Anise NR0102 15
Basil NR0219 20
Bay / Laurel NR0303 30
Beta Carotene NR4136 1% beta carotene
Capsicum NR0403 1.0% capsaicin encapsulated
Capsicum NR0425 3.3% capsaicin, UV method
Caraway NR0505 30
Cardamom NR0606 50
Celery NR0906 9
Cilantro NR3801 6
Cinnamon NR0809 40
Clove NR1021 70
Coriander NR1102 30
Cumin NR1204 60
Dill Seed NR1302 35
Fennel NR1401 50
Fenugreek NR1513 Water dispersible
Ginger NR1847 25
Ginger NR1854 15 Water soluable
Habanero NR4426 1.32% capsaicin UV method
Jalapeno NR3902 3.3% capsaicin UV method
Juniper berry NR1904 nil Water dispersible
Lemongrass NR4462 50 Water dispersible
Lovage NR2003 nil Water dispersible
Mace NR2102 50
Marjoram NR2202 40
Mustard NR2415 9
Nutmeg NR2503 40
Oregano NR2701 5
Parsley Seed NR3004 12
Pepper, Black NR3101 18 37 – 40% piperine
Pepper, White NR3201 10 40 – 45% piperine
Rosemary NR3401 1% carnosic acid Antioxidant for lipids
Rosemary NR3403 10 for flavor
Sage NR3307 30
Tarragon NR3502 12
Thyme NR3601 10

Garlic and Onion Specialities

Description Code Specification
Garlic NR1718 Sauteed profile
Garlic NR1722 15 Standard flavour profile
Garlic NR1733 Roasted profile
Onion NR2618 Roasted profile
Onion NR2622 1 Standard flavour profile
Onion NR2632 Sauteed profile

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