Flavors for Bakery Applications

Robertet Canada's flavors can provide economical, natural flavors for breads and other baked goods. Starting with spice extracts, a single flavor profile can be achieved by plating onto sugar, salt or a dry mix, or mixed into dough. In addition to our garlic and onion extracts, many of our more popular products for breads, buns and cookies can be found on the downloadable product list.

Selected Single Flavor Extracts

Description Code
Allspice NR0003
Anise NR0102
Caraway NR0505
Cardamom NR0606
Cinnamon NR0809
Clove NR1021
Cocoa NR1071
Fennel NR1401
Fenugreek NR1513
Garlic NR1729
Ginger NR1847
Lemongrass NR4462
Mace NR2107
Nutmeg NR2503
Tarragon NR3502
Ecom also has experience in blending extracts into flavors suitable for specific baking applications. Some examples are:

Compound Bakery Spice Blend Flavors

Description Code
Bakery Spice Blend ENR44617 Cinnamon and allspice
Garlic Bread Spice Blend NR44837 With annatto for butter-like color
L.O.V.E. Spice Blend NR4526 Lemon, orange, vanilla, eucalyptus
Maple Flavor, nat and art NR4421
Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend NR3022 Clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger

Other Extracts for Suitable for Bakery Products

Description Code Specification
Annatto paprika color NR4208 Suitable for breadings or coatings
Carmine liquid color NR51041 Suitable for red velvet cake
These are just a small selection of what we can offer for baking applications. We offer standard products, plus we welcome the opportunity to work on your challenges to achieve the right flavor for your next baking project.
featured product

Putting color into Danish

Clients looking for a natural and economical coloring for danish pastry have found Robertet Canada’s turmeric extract NR3736. Added to the dough it provides a pleasing yellow note.

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