Natural Products Made by Robertet Canada

Robertet Canada offers one of the widest ranges of savory extracts and flavors worldwide. Based on our own extraction facility plus almost 30 years in the food industry, we can offer products already used by clients in many countries, or tailor a solution to your requirements. The headings below lead to pages highlighting some of our lines.



Robertet Canada offers rosemary based antioxidants suitable for slowing the oxidation of fats. Wherever fatty foods are used, Robertet Canada's antioxidant extracts can preserve taste, improve appearance and extend shelf life.



At Ecom, it's all about offering solutions to our clients' challenges. That's why we have created one of the broadest portfolios of extract based flavors and a development lab interested in working on your next project.



Robertet Canada is one of the very few primary extractors from herbs, spices and other botanicals. The result is a product range limited only by technology and imagination.



Based on Robertet Canada's own natural extracts, we have created hundreds of formulations. If your next project requires a natural flavor, contact us to see how we can assist.



After 15 years of experience in the industry, Robertet Canada created its own line of natural flavor enhancers. These are yeast based products that can be used to replace monosodium glutamate, increase salt perception, enhance savory notes and create a creamy texture.


Garlic & Onion

To respond to the many ways in which garlic and onion products are used, Ecom has developed a very wide line of extracts, flavors and oleoresins.


Natural Colors

Robertet Canada offers a line of natural colors suitable for making almost any product stand out.



Robertet Canada has one of the widest lines of capsicum extracts, with varying specifications of heat, colour and pungency.

Tandoori BBQ

Snack Flavors

We have expertise in partnering with snack manufacturers to create exceptionally flavoured products.



Robertet Canada Organics™ start with botanicals that are certified organic. The essences are then extracted using carbon dioxide, leaving flavor that is pure and free of solvent.

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