Garlic and Onion

To respond to the many ways in which garlic and onion products are used, Robertet Canada has developed a very wide line of extracts, flavors and oleoresins. Our experience in adding garlic and onion flavors to food products covers the range from snacks to soups to breads. We can work with you to achieve unique flavor notes, or show your development team how to reduce costs by replacing dehydrated or fresh products.


Ingredient Solubility Standard Sautéed Roasted
Standard Oil NR1701 NR1713 NR1715
Standard Water dispersible NR1704 NR1705 NR1737
GMO-free Oil NR1722 NR1718 NR1733


Ingredient Solubility Standard Sautéed Roasted Green
Standard Oil NR2601 NR2602 -- --
Standard Water dispersible NR2604 -- -- --
GMO-free Oil NR2622 NR2632 NR2618 NR2623
Standard Water Dispersible NR2620 NR2610 NR2619 NR2623
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Highlight Applications

Both garlic and onion extracts come together in a garlic bread spread (ENR44811) to achieve cost savings, longer flavor life and better consistency.

A number of our garlic extracts are blended with vegetable oils and sold at retail as garlic flavored oils. We can provide examples for those looking for economical line extensions, or for high margin niche products.

Garlic and onion are used in marinades, such as for pickles (NR4418), or for bland products such as tofu.
Garlic NR1701 and onion NR2601 are favorites with spice blenders to boost their seasoning mixes, particularly for snacks.

Meat processors have asked us combine garlic and onion extracts along with other flavors, for one easy-to-use blend suitable for products as varied as luncheon meat (NR4703), frankfurters (NR4121) and jerk meat (NR4703).

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