Capsicum Extracts

As a provider of one of the widest lines of capsicum extracts, Robertet Canada offers standards for typical applications or custom formulations for specialized products. Our most popular capsicum extracts are used in seasoning blends, snacks and processed meat applications:

Single Extracts

Description Code
Ancho ENR45042
Capsicum NR04xx
Chipotle NR4405
Smoked chili NR9001
Guajillo NR4425
Jalapeno NR3902
Habanero NR4529

Single Flavors

Description Code
Adobo NR4492
Cayenne NR6018
Chili seed oil ENR04302
Ghost Pepper NR4516
Gojujang ENR55085
Green bell pepper NR6942
Piri Piri NR4428
Red bell pepper, roasted NR44015
Red Savina ENR04210
Sriracha NR6969
Szechuan NR4439

Selected Compound Flavors

Description Code
Barbeque Spice NR4124
Cajun Spice NR0393
Chili Spice NR4420
Red pepper NR0537
Sweet chili lime NR4470
featured product

Sweet Heat: Chipotle Chocolate Truffles

Putting together two exciting and popular flavors, chipotle and chocolate, makes for a truffle that has the pungency of chillies, with the musky sweetness of dark chocolate.

We at Robertet Canada created a chipotle flavored chocolate truffle to showcase an unusual application for our chipotle extract.

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