Meat and Poultry Flavors
for Vegetarian Foods

Do your products require traditional beef or poultry flavors, yet need vegan or vegetarian labelling? Then let us work on your next project.

Flavors and Enhancers

Description Code
Beef broth character NR6905
Rich roast beef character NR6917
Roast beef character NR6924
Beef replacement flavor NR69xx
Chicken broth character NR6919
Poultry flavor enhancer NR6930
Intense poultry flavor NR6940

Compound Meat Spice Blend Flavors

Description Code
Frankfurter Spice Blend NR4502
Hot Dog Spice Blend NR4138
Chorizo Spice Blend NR4432
Chicken Loaf Seasoning NR4442
Deli Meat Spice NR4448
Spicy Chicken Spice NR4450
Pepperoni Spice Blend NR4456
Turkey Frankfurter Spice NR44015
Luncheon Meat Spice NR4493
Sriracha NR6969
Szechuan NR4439

Selected Associated Flavors

Description Code
Barbeque Spice NR4124
Cajun Spice NR0393
Chili Spice NR4420
Red Pepper NR0537
Sweet chili lime NR4470

Other Extracts for Suitable for Meat Products

Description Code
Annatto oleoresin NR4208
Rosemary antioxidant NR3416
Paprika with antioxidant NR2840
Encapsulated turmeric NR3734
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How do you want your veggie burger?

There are many benefits by using spice extracts in meat processing applications:

No longer a small, niche market, supermarket sales of meat alternatives exceeded $850m in 2018 in the USA alone.

In addition to its line of natural flavors and extracts, Robertet Canada can provide makers of vegetarian foods with a competitive edge using our natural colors, rosemary based antioxidants and flavor enhancers.

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